Vinyl Fencing

It is an old saying, that before you build a wall, you should know what you are walling in and what you are walling out. That is, why do you need a fence? Then you can decide the kind of wall you need. Like in building a house, the design also matters to bring out the beauty. Vinyl fencing is one modern-day type of fencing that is not only easy to install, but also attractive and easy to maintain.

Unlike the wood fence, it never rots, being termite and fungus proof. Furthermore, vinyl fencing never fades. The weather does not affect it. Although it expands and contracts in cold temperatures, this has no negative in it. Designed the same way as a sunscreen, its chemical formulation enables it to hold its colors by permanently reflecting the rays of the sun.

The following are the steps you need to take while installing your vinyl fence:

Consider Your Landscape
As already said, the building must bring out beauty. Watch your surroundings to decide what style and color of vinyl fencing will blend well with it to ring out the beauty of the place and make it more attractive.

Consult the Utility Company
There could be a utility like a pipeline running underground just where you intend to dig for the pillar posts. You should consult the utility company to check and mark a line that you may interfere with. Show them the location that will be affected by the vinyl fencing. Also get the necessary building permits in the process.

Clear the Designated Area
Once you have gotten the go-ahead from the utility company and the permits, it is time to clear the way along which the vinyl installation will occur. Cut any shrubs, trees or any other obstacle.

Take Measurements
Once the ground is clear, it is time to measure the mapped area. That will help you calculate the number of each material you need.

Dig Post holes and Insert the Poles
It is time to dig holes, the depth of which will be determined by the type of soil of the area. Typically, the holes have a diameter of 10 inches. The depth should also be able to take in a 1/3 of the posts. The corner posts (4 by 4s) and gate posts especially need to be firmly grounded, being the main pillars. Each post should be held by enough concrete, as instructed by the vinyl fence manufacturer. This is after the post-hole has been filled with gravel.

Erect the Vinyl Fence
Place the vinyl fence between the posts. Check the alignments to be sure the fence line is uniform. You do not want a crooked fence, do you? Attach the panels and the rails using screws. Also install the gates, making sure they can swing smoothly in and out.

While vinyl fencing is better than the traditional methods like wood fencing, it is costly, so you will have to dig deeper in your pocket before you could dig the ground for the fence line.





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