Maintaining a Privacy Fence

A fence is one of the most essential parts of any house and its maintenance is very important if you want longer service. This, however, begs the question, do you know how to properly maintain your privacy fence? For most people, after it has been set up, the work is done. Surprisingly, this is just but the beginning of a recurrent task though not regularly. If you want that lovely fence you have to be well maintained and serve you longer but are wondering how to go about it, worry no more, you have come to the right place. Let’s have a look at the main tips on how you should maintain your fence for extended service.

1. Cut the shrubs touching the fence. This should be the first step towards the ultimate care of the fence. Long grass and shrubs bordering or touching the fence can be a major problem. The problem is, when you let the grass overgrow on the fence, it provides a conducive environment for rot and insects. If left unattended to, the effect might be adverse to an extent of requiring full repair.

2. Apply concrete on the base of the poles. One part of the fence that must touch the ground are the poles. For this reason, they are the most vulnerable and keen care is no option. However, the good thing is that the maintenance is no rockets science and you can do it on your own over the weekend. If the poles are fitted into the bare soil, you need to apply concrete around them.

This is done by digging around the pole and pouring concrete preferably to a level above the soil. Do this for all the poles and it will be okay. What the concrete does is that it prevents termites from eating into the wood.

3. Let the fence be a level above the soil. This is another good maintenance option of the fence if you need it to function longer. Yes, you might be tempted to have the entire fence touching the ground but avoid this if possible. Remember, any part that is touching the soil is a point vulnerability due to the component of the soil like humidity and pests. Therefore, placing it higher will save you the trouble once and for all.

4. Paint the fence. Painting is very applicable to wooden fences. The paint acts as a coating thereby giving the wood a longer life not forgetting that it protects it from weathering. A painted fence last longer as compared to one which is not painted. If you are sharing the fence with a neighbor, it can be beneficial to ask them to do the same on their side. Another benefit of painting is that you get the chance of adding beauty to your home if you play with the paint well.

5. Avoid hanging heavy stuff on the fence. The thought of having flowers vases on the fence can be very appealing but do not be lured. The heavy the stuff hanged on the fence, the weaker the fence will get. For a wooden fence, you will realize that it has started warping. If you must hang things, just make sure they aren’t heavy to an extent of straining the wood.

By following these few but essential tips, your fence will hopefully serve you much longer without the possibility of having to repair it every now and then. The best thing is that you can do these tasks on your own when not engaged in other things.




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