Wooden Fence Rails

If you are looking for an excellent way of enhancing the safety and security of your property then you should look for the best fence that you can install in your garden so that you will get the kind of privacy that you are looking for. Apart from offering privacy and protection, fences also help in adding beauty and elegance to your property. Hence it is your duty to ensure that the fences remain in its pristine form so that it can add visual appeal and enhance the overall value of your property. There are different materials that are used for making fences but the most popular and widely used fences are wooden fences. This is because it offers the right amount of beauty and privacy to your property. Fence rails are an important element of fencing that needs regular upkeep and maintenance.  If your fence rails are damaged or broken keep reading to learn more about how to repair them.

What is a fence rail?

Fence rails are the part of the fence that runs horizontally and it is generally placed on the top and the bottom of the fences for additional privacy. There are some wooden fences where the rails are placed in the wood for added strength and aesthetics as it functions for attaching the fence panels together. These fence rails play an important role in making your fence stronger and more durable.  When these fence rails are unable to maintain the integrity of the wooden fence the you will need to repair or replace them.

Step One:
The most important thing you need to do is gather the tools you will need.  This could include a skill saw, screwdriver, electric drill, deck screws, tape measure and wood clamps. It is also important to follow the safety rules and precautions before the repair project so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Step Two:
You need to have  a hardboard that is cut out an inch more than that of the damaged rails so it can be replaced easily.

Step Three:
After you have a hardboard remove all of the damages parts of the fence so that it does not come in the way of repairs. This can be done with the use of a handsaw. You will also need to remove the fencing along with the rails so you can repair the entire section of fencing.

Step Four:
Use screws or nails to affix the newly cut out rails on the fencing.  Add wood clamps to help you make the fence strong and sturdy. You also have the option of using a level to make sure all of your pickets are aligned properly and the wooden fence panels are in the right place.

A properly repaired and maintained wooden fence is very important for keeping the safety and privacy of your property intact so that you can keep away any kind of unwanted entry or trespassers.




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